I suppose this is a bit late, but, as they say, better late than never.

I’m offering my reading goals for 2018 mostly as a form of accountability, to provide the added motivation to follow-through for the few people who read this blog. All in all this comes up to somewhere between 44-48 books, depending on how many books are in the “series” (see below). I’ll probably update this a time or two throughout the year to keep the accountability.

1 series of history books (0/1)

5 classic works of fiction (0/5)

7 modern novels (0/5)

1 collection of poetry (0/1)

1 book on Ancient Rome (0/1)

4 commentaries on biblical books (0/4)

2 books by Augustine (0/3)

3 books by the church fathers (0/3)

1 book by Aquinas (not the Summa) (0/1)

2 books on the history/philosophy of science (0/2)

1 book by Charles Taylor (0/1)

3 book of cultural criticism (not Taylor) (0/1)

1 biography (0/1)

2 classics of devotional literature (0/2)

7 books of biblical studies (1/7)

2 books on Islamic culture, religion, or history (0/2)

1 introductory book on an eastern religion (0/1)

Total: 44-48 books