Hello, and welcome to There & Blog Again. I’m Christopher Larson, I’m 14, and I live in the unfairly hot state of Florida. I’ve loved books since I was able to read them, and writing has been a passion of mine for almost as long.
Books always seemed to have a mystical quality to them, at least in my eyes. You can break down the storytelling process as much as you want, create formulas for bestsellers, figure out exactly what makes a character click with readers, but somehow when I open a good book it all disappears from my mind. A good book will make me forget the formulas, either because it isn’t using them, or because it’s hidden them so well I can’t see them, and couldn’t care less.
But mixed in among the good books, as in just about everything, are the bad books. The books that you really don’t want to read, because, for one reason or another, they aren’t worth your time. Here at this blog, I hope to be able to tell you, my readers, about those books you should probably avoid. Maybe I’ll save you some time. 
However, there’s another aspect to storytelling. You see, “do not read this book” posts are only interesting for so long. At some point, it becomes too much. When it comes to books, there’s no use cautioning against the bad if we’re never going to talk about the good. I hope that at this blog, the “do not” posts are far outweighed by their counterparts. The more I’m able to talk about the good books, the books that show forth beauty, the more I can focus my mind on the good, the beautiful, and the true.
And along the way perhaps you, reader, can find some books that that interest you. At the end of the day, though, I want this blog to glorify God, and in some way show forth his creatures reflecting his beauty through storytelling. 
How This Blog Will Work
This blog is about storytelling, and whatever format that may take it’s fair game for a post here. My reviews will deal mostly with books and movies, with  perhaps the occasional TV post thrown in here and there (even though at the moment I only watch one TV show). 
In addition to that, if I happen to come across a piece of storytelling advice that particularly helps me, I might reword it and post it (with credit to the source, of course). And, if I find a particularly well-worded quote, I might go ahead and post that here too.
My reviews won’t follow a specific formula, but at the end of each review I’ll try and state my opinion relatively simply. For some books and movies, I’ll do two reviews. In one of the reviews I’ll focus on the characters, plot, setting, pacing–in essence any of the components that are specifically story based. The other review will address the worldview, the content (as it pertains to age-appropriateness), and anything that I think might be found offensive.
If I don’t do two reviews, that isn’t to say there isn’t much you should worry about. In fact, there very well might be. For instance, if a movie has a large amount of language, but nothing else that would be deemed “inappropriate,” that’s not enough material for a post. So, on the occasions that there is no need for two posts, I’ll leave a little note at the bottom of the review where I warn about the content. This is what one of those notes might look like: 
Note: This movie has frequent, inappropriate language that is definitely not for young viewers. Please use extreme caution when considering this movie for younger children. 

Simple, easy, and doesn’t make me clog up my blog with useless two-line posts. Also, I’ll put it at the bottom of the review, so if you’re ever looking for just the content review, you can scroll right to the bottom to see that.
I hope you enjoy your time here and find some good stories in the process. 

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